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Musing on product life-cycle management

If a product is expected to have an 18-24 month life, focus groups are organized 12-14 months after product launch, to learn how to design and market its next generation. These exercises are very expensive in that they require a lot of effort to organize, and a lot of special skills to produce truly valuable results, hence they are often contracted to specialists. Continue reading

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Just two days left!

Ok guys! We need a strong, final push to finish within the top ten companies to present in front of CEO Aaron Patzer on the Juice Pitcher main stage October 6th in Mountain View, CA. If you have already … Continue reading

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Welcome to our new blog!

As part of our overall site enhancement initiative, we have created a new blog to maintain an ongoing dialog with our users.  The blog will serve as a source for important AAI  product updates, as well as  informative posts we … Continue reading

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